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most bet casino

Mostbet is a popular casino and bookmaker. Today we will do a brief review on this company, as well as on its “Jet X” game. It’s up to you to decide where to play JetX, we are just providing information about one option out of many.

Mostbet is an online casino product of the Venson company. It came in 2009 and since then it has earned huge popularity among users. Among the services offered are poker, TV games, roulette, baccarat, slots, and live dealer games. The site is fully localized for the English-speaking audience. In addition, the service is adapted for more than 15 languages. This includes Georgian, Ukrainian, English, Polish, etc. It’s not necessary to download JetX.

Want to earn money online?

If you want to earn money online quickly and a lot, Mostbet is the perfect option for you. On the service is available a lot of games, on which it is quite realistic to get money. In addition, there is JetX demo mode. There you can play without using real money. This way you can try out this kind of earnings without giving away your hard earned money. 

mostbet jetx demo

Jet X is a game at Mostbet casino

Jet X is a game provided by Mostbet. In the game there is a plane (airplane), which after a while will fall. Players must guess how long the flight will last. As the plane moves, the winnings will increase. The flight time is decided randomly by a random number generator. If a player doesn’t exit before the airplane falls, they will lose all the money they have received. 

How to play Jet X at Mostbet?

To play Jext X on the Mostbet platform, you need to:

  1.  Go to Mostbet Official; 
  2.  Go through registration; 
  3.  Find the desired game in the “Casino” section. 

Jet X Mostbet: Strategies

There are several JetX strategies by which you can become successful at Jet X. Let’s break down each of them.

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Bet a lot of money on a low multiplier

If you bet a lot of money for a short period of time, you will be able to earn quite a lot. Due to the fact that the amount of currency is large, when multiplying the winnings, the amount will increase greatly.

Bet a little money for a long period of time

The opposite situation. By betting a small amount of money for a long period of time, you minimize the risks. At the same time, the chances of earning are high.

Bet evenly on all multipliers

By betting equally on all multipliers, you will make your risks minimal. It’s all about balance. But at the same time you will be able to earn smaller amounts.

How to register at Mostbet

To register on the site, follow the instructions:

  1.  Go to the official Mostbet website; 
  2.  Click “Register”; 
  3.  Select the way you want to register; 
  4.  Enter your promo code JetX if available; 
  5.  Click “Register”. 

In addition, you will need to fill in the fields about date of birth, first and last name, place of residence, e-mail address, enter login and password. Without these minimum data, you will not be able to register on the site. 

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Deposit and Withdrawal Methods mostbet

To make a deposit at Mostbet, you should go to the main website and click on the yellow icon for depositing. You will be presented with a menu where you need to choose a deposit method. Their availability depends on your location. The minimum you can deposit is 10 USD.

Mostbet supports the following payment methods:

  •  Bank cards;  
  •  Skypay;  
  •  Plastix;  
  •  Bitcoin;  
  •  Litecoin;  
  •  Ethereum;  
  •  Ripple.  

To withdraw funds, you need to open the menu by clicking on the top right icon on the site and go to “Withdraw from account”. You will receive your funds within 3 days.

mostbet jetx

Mostbet bonuses, promotions and promo codes

Mostbet provides its players with promotions. They can be found in the corresponding category at the top of the page. There are 3 categories in total: promotions, tournaments and bonuses. There are also several bonus accounts available on the platform.

A bonus account is an account with points that can be wagered. 


In this category all offers are divided into 2 subcategories: casino and sports. Promotions are constantly updated. Among the most popular ones are “Bet Redemption”, “First Deposit Bonus” and “10% casino cashback”.


All bonuses are divided into two classes, “New” and “Active”. Once you sign up, go to the first section. There you will find your first bonus. To get all the others, you will need to replenish your account. The bonuses in the “Active” category require you to be active on the platform accordingly.

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In the tournaments section, you will find promotions with big wins. To get them, you need to be among the winners of the competition. 

Bonus account “Sport”

Points from the “Sport” bonus account can be used within 7 days after its opening. When the one-week period expires, it will be closed.

Casino bonus account

Points from the “Casino” account can be redeemed within three days. Otherwise the account will be closed. The promotion is only valid for “Casino”, “Virtual Sports” and “Live-games”.

Promo Codes

Using the promo code “BESTPLAY”, you will get 100% back for your first deposit up to 25 thousand USD. If activated within the first 15 minutes after registration, the percentage will increase to 125. In fact, you will have a first deposit without a deposit. By the same promo code you will be able to get 250 freespins.

Loyalty Program

There are actions, for the fulfillment of which you are given additional koins (internal currency used by the company). By completing tasks and depositing regularly, you will reach new levels in the loyalty program. The more money you deposit, the more bonuses you are given. If you deposit up to 100 USD, you will get 5 bonuses for every 50 USD. From 2000 to 3000 – 6 bonuses. From 2 thousand to 5 thousand – 7, from 5 thousand to 8 thousand – 9, from 8 thousand to 10 thousand – 10 and, finally, more than 15 thousand USD – 12 bonuses.

The koin rate depends on what level of loyalty you have. At the minimum rank “Beginner” you will get 1 USD for 10 koins. At the highest rank “VIP” one USD this number decreases to 2. Total levels in the loyalty system are 9. 

mostbet jetx play jetx

Mostbet Support

The service has a 24/7 support. To write to it, you need to open the menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click “Support”. Telegram, email and VKontakte messages are also available. If you prefer to consult by phone, you can call the Mostbet hotline. The phone number is 8 (800) 5-111-499.

Mostbet Slot Machines

There are many slot machines available on the Mostbet website. For convenience, they are divided into different categories: casino, Aviator and poker. Choose the one that suits you.

Tip: If you don’t know where to start, try the most popular games. They tend to be first in the categories.


Mostbet has a great selection of casinos.

These include:

  •  Fast Games; 
  •  Roulette; 
  •  Virtuals; 
  •  Cards; 
  •  Slots; 
  •  Jackpots; 
  •  Lotteries. 

You can sort them by fiche, genre and provider. There are also categories “New” and “Popular”. The selection of games is constantly expanding, as the office regularly releases new slots.

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Aviator is a very fast and risky class of games. It includes mostbet jetx play from the category of “jetx” games. 

Tip: If you are afraid to take risks, try mostbet jetx demo.


The bookmaker has its own poker room. The selection of poker games is extensive: Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha 5 card, Omaha x/l, Short Deck Hold’em and Triton Short Deck Hold’em.

Mostbet live dealer games

Mostbet has another category – live casino. In it you can play against a real dealer. The advantage of this mode is that everything happens in front of your eyes. The dealer cannot cheat, trick or deceive you. Everything is as transparent as possible. The minus is a small choice of entertainment. Available poker, bacarra, blackjack and roulette. 

Mobile version of Jet X Mostbet

Mostbet has its own mobile application. Although the design is simplified, the features are the same as the browser version. The same casinos, poker, tournaments, etc. And yes, the Jet X game is also available there. The mobile version, along with jetx Mostbet, can be downloaded on the official website of the office. You will find the necessary icons in the upper left corner of the main page. The app is available on iOS and Android.

download mostbet jetx

Other Mostbet casino products

At Mostbet you can bet on sports. In the “Line” group you will see all the upcoming matches.

The following sports are present:

  •  Soccer; 
  •  Hockey; 
  •  Basketball; 
  •  Tennis; 
  •  Volleyball; 
  •  Futsal; 
  •  Handball; 
  •  Table Tennis; 
  •  Combat sports; 
  •  American soccer; 
  •  Badminton; 
  •  Baseball; 
  •  Cross-country skiing; 
  •  Biathlon; 
  •  Billiards; 
  •  Boxing; 
  •  Water Polo. 

There is a separate section for cybersports. You can bet on CounterStrike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty and Fortnite games.

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Jet X Mostbet Reviews

Noah, 41 years old.

I read the reviews and decided to play Aviator. Immediately earned 15 dollars, although it cost a lot of nerves. The concept is simple, despite this is addictive. I will continue to play.

Liam, 37 years old.

Googled about mostbet jetx igra 1 and all reviews on jetx were positive. At first it alerted, but as I started to play calmed down. Earned 100$. Now I try to come up with strategies to win more.

Emma, 29 years old.

Tried jetx. The game is simply addictive. You sit and wait for the perfect moment to catch the highest odds. But it can be hard to tear yourself away. I recommend it if you can control yourself well.

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Mason, 34 years old.

Before you start playing this slot mostbet, you need to think about the strategy. Otherwise there is a great risk of losing a lot of dough on this. In general, the game is normal, but specifically does not suit me.

James, 25 years old.

Frankly speaking, when I just saw mostbet jetx, I did not think that I could stick on it. But now I can not tear myself away! Very addictive, and if you think through the strategy, you can earn good money.

Charlotte, 31 years old.

Tried the game and earned 50$ for the first time. Now I am trying out strategies. Got into Jetx for a long time). 

Why is Mostbet Casino better than others?

Mostbet Casino is worth preferring over others for a number of reasons:

  •  There is a Curacao license; 
  •  Operating for more than 10 years; 
  •  Lots of games (over 3000); 
  •  Loyalty program; 
  •  Lots of bonuses and promotions; 
  •  Comfortable site design; 
  •  Prompt and qualified support; 
  •  Fast and convenient JetX registration
  •  A lot of players (more than 1 million); 
  •  Transparency in the withdrawal of winnings; 
  •  Reliability. 

The minuses of the BC are few. Most often, customers complain about the lack of information about the founders and the blocking of a number of countries.

most bet casino


Mostbet is a good online casino with hundreds of thousands of users. It has been pleasing players for more than 10 years with its convenience, many games and bonuses. One of the playground modes is Jet X or Aviator. Its mechanics are simple, and with the right strategy, the potential earnings are huge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some frequently asked JetX questions from players.

Why is Jet X at Mostbet so popular?

Jet X is so popular because of its simple mechanics, the opportunity to win big and the constantly fueled sense of excitement. The latter in particular. After all, the sense of danger is why many people love casinos, betting and slot games so much.

How to play Jet X to earn money?

To make money on Jet X, it’s best to rely on strategies and intuition. Strategies specifically designed for this game will greatly increase your chances of winning. But even if you have a perfectly laid out plan, you should not forget about your sixth sense. We are always analyzing the situation, the factors that can affect it. But we do it only on a subconscious level. That’s why our brain gives us what we call our sixth sense. So trust your intuition, but don’t forget about strategies!

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How to always win at Jet X Mosfet?

It is impossible to win at jetx all the time. But you can improve your chances of winning. Think up, study and try new strategies, do not be afraid to take risks. Then in most cases you will increase your winnings.

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Withdraw money from casino Mostbet, is it fast?

To withdraw money from casino Mostbet, it won’t take much time. You will receive the funds within 72 hours or three days after the withdrawal request.

How much can I withdraw money from Mostbet?

There are the following withdrawal limits: no more than 5000 USD per day, 15 000 USD per week and 50 000 USD per month.

What bonuses are given for the first deposit at Mostbet?

For your first deposit you are given a bonus – up to 125% cashback and 250FS. For this purpose during registration, or within 15 minutes after, enter the promo code “BESTPLAY”.

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What does the size of the cashback at Mostbet depend on?

The size of the cashback is determined by the player’s level in the loyalty program. The higher the rank, the more currency points can be exchanged for, which is the basis for the cashback. The minimum ratio at the first rank is 10:1. The maximum ratio at the highest rank is 2:1. There are 9 steps in total:

Players from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus can play at Mostbet Casino? is officially banned in othe countries where the gaming site is blocked, to access the site, players can:

  •  Play using a mirror; 
  •  Connect VPN; 
  •  Enter via BC Telegram (; 
  •  Subscribe to the mailing list (only for those already registered).

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum that can make a deposit at Mostbet is 10 USD .

What currencies are available for Jet X Mostbet games?

The gaming platform accepts the following currencies: EUR, USD, KZT, KES, MDL, SGD, PHP, THB, CFA, KRW, BYN, RWF, TZS, GEL, BRL, GHS, BND, NGN, MYR, UGX, AZN, KHR, XOF, VND, TRY, UAH, KGS, IDR, PLN, BDT, INR, CZK, IRR, XAF, UZS, PKR, AMD, NOK, TJS.

BK requests a scan of documents, why?

BK may ask you for a scan of your documents to confirm your identity. It has every right to do so.

mostbet jetx play jetx

Verification of identity may be needed to confirm that the player:

  •  Is of legal age; 
  •  Is not the athlete being bet on; 
  •  Not a representative of a competitor’s company; 
  •  Not a person whose participation in gambling is prohibited by law. 

Verification of documents takes place within 1 day.

Can I play for money through a mirror?

A mirror is an exact copy of the official site and it is possible to play through a mirror using real money on it.

mostbet jetx

Can I use someone else’s name when registering?

The company needs to confirm your identity. Therefore, you need to use your real name.

My Jet X account is blocked, why?

The reasons for blocking an account can be due to violations of the game rules, too much or too little activity. But the most common variant is violation of the rules of the office.

These include fraudulent activities such as:

  •  Maintaining a multi-profile; 
  •  Using software to automate bets; 
  •  Abuse of the loyalty program. 

Failed to wager welcome bonus, can I register again?

If the site detects that you have multiple accounts, it has the right to close your account and cancel all bets. You can re-register if you are not afraid of these consequences.

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Do mostbet casino and bookmaker use the same mobile app?

The casino and bookmaker are put together in both the browser version and the mobile version. That is, one mobile app is used for them.

I have an old profile on the site, can I create a new one?

You can create a new account by deleting the old one.

To do this:

  1.  Go to the Mostbet website; 
  2.  Go to the “Support Service”; 
  3.  Write a request to delete the account. 

Tip! Before deleting the profile, win back bonuses and withdraw money.

Remember that a deleted account cannot be restored.

If I am under 18, can I play at mostbet online casino?

Only people who are 18 years old or older can register on the site and take part in games and bets at bookmakers. If you are under, you cannot play at the online casino and bet. The company will still ask you for documents to prove your age, do not try to register on the platform.