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Arcade Jet X game is presented by the provider Smart Soft Gaming in 2019. The developer assures that the crash emulator brought the standard classic slots to a new level. The difference of the software from competitors is the increased control of the process by the gambler, who can stop the set at any moment. The player will win if the bet has time to play before the moment the plane crashes.

What is a Jet-X game?

Games Jet-X is a fascinating story that keeps the gamer in constant suspense. The slot is characterized by elaborate graphics, simple rules, intuitive interface. The amount of winnings depends on luck, intuition and reaction speed of the participant. Elementary gameplay makes it possible to win for beginners and experienced gamblers.

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How to play?

Understand how to play in Jet X is not difficult. The user’s task is to manage to withdraw money from the kona, while the fighter jet is gaining altitude. The story supports automatic and manual mode. In the second case, the gambler monitors the set height of the airplane, at the right moment clicks the “Take” button. If he manages to do this before the explosion of the ship, can safely receive a payout. 

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Start the machine in the selected casino from a browser or mobile device, having previously downloaded the application;
  2. Make a bet (from 0.1 to 600 $);
  3. Select one or both modes;
  4. Set the multiplier, activate the process;
  5. Wait for the takeoff and watch the target;
  6. Take the cash prize until the airplane explodes.

The height of the aircraft’s lift-off, as well as the winning index – is not limited. The crash of the airplane can happen at any moment, if the gamer does not manage to cash out before the machine falls – he loses everything.

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Is it possible to practice your own skills for free in the demo version?

Most at JetX casino and BC offer to play for free in the demo version. You don’t need to register and deposit your balance, participation allows you to understand the essence of the slot, hone your skills, try out different strategies before you start participating for real money.

What is the best betting system for Jet-X?

The machine supports the system of two synchronized bets. The gambler in real time can take the prize and mark the coefficient to which the fighter jet will not crash. If one manages to react quickly, and the forecast is justified – it is possible to get two payouts in one set.

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Is it realistic to win?

Many gamers ask questions: is it real to win in JetX, JetX how to win? In JetX reviews gamblers note that even a beginner can earn in this slot. There is no single 100% strategy for winning, it all depends on luck and the player’s inner flair, as the process is tied to the random generation of numbers.

How to withdraw winnings in JetX?

The game provides two ways to withdraw prize money from the stake. Manually, the gambler bet removes the bet himself, constantly keeping his hand on the pulse. In the automatic way – the system itself will cash out when the specified index is reached. Transfer of winnings to a card or wallet of electronic “payment” is carried out in the “Cashier” section on the site of the selected casino or BC.

How to deposit?

To replenish the deposit in any gambling institution is not difficult:

  1. Choose Jet X slot, go through a quick registration, creating a login and a secure password;
  2. Open LC (personal account), which allows you to track statistics and transactions;
  3. Choose the currency and method of replenishment of the game account;
  4. Deposit the desired amount.

Sometimes verification may be required to protect against fraudsters. You need to fill out a questionnaire, indicating true information about yourself, phone number, e-mail, provide a scan of your passport.

Minimum amount to bet in JetX?

In JetX game slot minimum bet is set by the rules of the casino or bookmaker’s office. In most establishments it is 0,1 $. The winning amount depends on the size of the stake and the height that the plane will reach. 

Maximum betting amount?

Betting maximum in the game is regulated by the rules of the gambling establishment. In most casinos it does not exceed $ 600, in some – $ 1,000 (more – not fixed). First, the gamer needs to determine the amount he is willing to risk, have time to bet before determining all outcomes.

How to play the crash game JetX on a smartphone?

 You can play the machine on the site JetX Pinup or other casino directly from your browser or download JetX on your smartphone from the marketplaces Google Play, AppStore. It is available to participate in the process anywhere (on the road, at home, on breaks). Convenient slot is suitable for most mobile devices and tablets.

How is winnings calculated?

Soft Jet X is a game with increased financial risk, the wagering is less than 97%. This means that the gaming establishment will remain in the plus. But, the fighter jet gains altitude and explodes randomly, each gambler has a winning chance. The size of prizes is calculated according to the classic scheme – the amount of the bet is multiplied by the selected coefficient.

How to use a promo code in JetX?

Promo code in the specified slot – any offered bonus, which is available to transform into real money. To withdraw your winnings, you need to wager the promotion on the wager, or use freespins for free bets (from 25 spins or $250).

Which promokod is the most popular?

At most gambling resources, including the JetX 1Win site, the most popular promo code is the first deposit bonus. It is usually a fixed amount or 100% of the deposited amount of money. If you deposit $200 into your gaming account, you’ll get the same amount more to continue the rounds.

How long does it take to withdraw money?

The funds are withdrawn instantly to electronic payment systems. It may take 1-3 working days to receive your winnings on a card or bank account. To speed up the procedure, experienced gamblers advise to withdraw prizes in the same way as the deposit.


How to earn a lot of money in Jet-X?

Earn in the above machine can be quite good, however, everything depends on luck and intuition of the player. Prize index varies from 0 to infinity, the maximum kush rip off, winning the jackpot. Profits, developed strategies, principles of responsible participation and mani-management help to reduce financial risks.

Is JetX a game of chance?

Since the game JetX for money, how to play it we discussed above, it is a gambling slot. You need to treat it casually, managing to stop in time. Maximum kush can be ripped off by implementing a thoughtful approach to the process, betting, use of funds and gambling in general.

How to hack Jet-X online?

 Jet-X is a safe slot, on the site JetX 1xBet and other licensed casinos rules and regulations are governed by Brazilian law, which protects the personal and financial data of the gamer. Some “dealers” try to sell “hacked” versions of the game, promising golden mountains. These are scammers, stay away from them. 

What is the advantage of JetX?

JetX is an entertaining story for those who want to have fun and make a good income at the same time.


  • Simple rules;
  • Well-designed, high-quality graphics;
  • The ability to make two bets simultaneously;
  • Convenience of participation on PC from the browser and from mobile devices;
  • Availability of jackpot and demo mode.

Try your luck today and see if you can beat the airplane!

Are there any game play flyhacks?

Gamblers with experience offer some tried-and-true life-saving life-hacks. They advise getting profitable (not waiting until the last minute to claim your prize before the plane crashes). It is better to win less, but more often. They recommend to stop in time, do not risk large sums, given that the RTP is always less than 100%. To minimize the risks allows auto-payout, as well as a competent calculation of the bankroll.

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What are the best strategies?

JetX machine works on the principle of random number generation. It is impossible to guess the crash of a fighter jet, it can happen at any altitude. To increase the chance of winning, gamblers use different tactics and schemes.

Popular strategies among Jet X players are:

  • Going for the maximum amount on a low kaff and a small cash stake on a higher multiplier. Risks are minimized, there is a chance for a solid win;
  • Equal bets on all indices, due to the even distribution, give the opportunity to win often small prizes;
  • At an accelerated pace to enter the game and withdraw money when reaching a set amount, not allowing the casino to leave the funds;
  • By Martingale, with doubling up after each unsuccessful attempt. The tactic is risky, but, its use can bring a large skid.

Scheme for mentally stable gamers is considered a bet only on large multipliers. If you are lucky – the winnings will be solid.

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How to participate for free?

 Choose a slot on the casino website, run it in a browser or app. In the JetX demo version you can participate for free and without registration, honing skills and grasping the essence of the game.

How to find a JetX game?

On the site of JetX Mostbet or other virtual casino choose a slot from the menu or type the name into the search box. The icon of the machine will appear on the main screen. 

How to bypass JetX blocking?

Casinos and BCs can block players’ accounts if they consider their actions fraudulent or unacceptable (untruthful information in the form, creating two or more logins, foul language, insults on racial and other grounds). If the block is set forever, it is difficult to bypass. The alternative is to change the gambling site or choose an official free mirror of the institution.

How to win at JetX?

Opportunities to win with 100% probability does not exist. The main thing is to withdraw money before the fighter jet crashes. Increase the chances of success allows you to profit, popular strategies, the principle of responsible play.

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How to play for money?

On the official site of the licensed casino choose a slot, register, make a deposit, specifying the desired currency and details. After creating the LC and selecting the amount of bets, start the game and try their luck.

Is there a jackpot at JetX?

Regardless of where to play JetX, you have a chance to rip off the maximum winnings. The slot supports the Jackpot Galaxy model and the prize is randomized. The minimum bet is at least $1, the odds for the set stopping period are higher than x1.5.

jetx how to win

When was the slot released?

The slot machine was created by the well-known provider Smart Soft Gaming. The year of release in modern design – 2015.

What is the payout percentage and the size of the maximum winnings in the machine?

Depending on the peculiarities of the online casino or BC, the slot’s payout percentage is 94-96%, in any case – less than 100%. The maximum available to win is 999,999 bets.

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What is the minimum payout amount?

When winning, the money is automatically transferred to the gambler’s account. The amount is available for withdrawal in standard ways, after creating a request in the LC. The minimum depends on the rules of the gambling establishment, usually is not less than $ 10.

How to get an advantage over other players?

If you want to know how to win at JetX casino, try to get an advantage over other players. To do this, be able to stop in time, track statistics (you can do this in the LC). It will also help to develop your own strategies, exit the game after every hour to avoid being worked through by security algorithms.

What is the RTP for the JetX game?

The percentage of each gamer’s return to player (RTP) bet in the specified slot is usually 96%. This theoretically results in a wagering of $96 from every $100 wagered.

Is there an app to help you win at JetX?

The whole process of the game is tied to the GSC (random number generation). There are no really effective applications and programs that allow you to win at JetX with 100% probability. The tools offered on paid sites – do not work, are fraudulent, no matter how unscrupulous owners “promote” them.

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What bonuses for registration?

A new gambler is given a welcome bonus for JetX registration and the first deposit. It is 100% of the deposited amount on the game account or a fixed parameter. In the first case, you get from every 100 dollars the same amount to continue playing. The second type of bonus reward depends on the rules of the casino or BC, can be from 100 to 2 500 $. The reward can be used to successfully participate in a real money slot.

Can I withdraw bonus money at JetX Game?

JetX bonuses can be withdrawn on deposit by wagering them according to the wager. Such conditions are set by most gambling establishments. The requirement – the number of wagering before the withdrawal of winnings. For example, if the wager is set at a rate of x10, you can withdraw the money only after 10-fold wagering of the received incentive.

What is the casino share in the slot?

Knowing how to play the game JetX PinUp and on other platforms, you need to take into account that the casino reserves the right to profit House Edge (House Edge). This figure ranges from 2-6%. That is, with every $100 bet, the institution keeps from 2 to 6 $.